Insanity Measured

Sanity –
the vanity of disillusioned humanity,
sewing threads of reason through mental fabrics
forged by the hands of mad men.
Which world are you in, besides your own?
Pretending to be known by the gods
by whom you measure your stature,
as though you are any more real than they are.
Illusion is the afterschool crack house
where self-righteous misfits play house
with dreams of grandeur…
where pockets are lined and
wills move time and
hearts crumble like coals over open fire.
Ruled by desire,
wrapped in excuses for the abuses
that line their souls; each one unfolds
fiction in self-worth scripts.
Tales float from these crypts where
dry bones frame the flesh and
anthems raise up from the depths
to pierce the soundness of existence.
All this nonsense in the air; it’s only fair
someone stands in defense of truth.
Under this roof of complex notions,
strained emotions, swimming spirit in
faith’s love potion; I sit alone…
a single presence in this ocean,
succumbing to my rule over this realm
in parallel to others who know
we exist in our own
self-conceived worlds of insanity.
Crossing hairs over and under
the teeth of reality
combed from our roots, we
swallow the substance gleaned
through those chutes, and settle our appetites.
A respective mold of “my” rights
rest justifiably in every twisted frame of mind,
subconsciously aligned with all that ever was
or ever could be seen with “my” sights.
Beyond the eyes of the vain,
outside the breadth of the sane;
the very breath of insanity
is the essence of life.

14 thoughts on “Insanity Measured

  1. It reminds me of a poem I wrote.
    ‘It was crazy to come as myself
    I guess that’s why they locked the door
    Until I could see me through their eyes
    A little less and nothing more

    It was crazy to see past your image
    To something that moved me to tears
    To doubt in the doubt that they put there
    So I let them console me with fears

    It was crazy to love you completely
    Before I was told of your face
    And that clarity had never been brighter
    Than in the hidden and unspoken place

    It was crazy to run through their limits
    To discover the world was out there
    Beyond the edges of their narrow mind
    Where my lungs can breath the free air’

    Hope you like it!

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  2. Sreejit referred to last week’s Sunday Wrap offerings as “intense”, and I can see why.

    From the first two lines that you wrote, I had to change my approach to Sunday Wrap. I intended to breeze through the posts, but couldn’t do that with this one, even though I tried a few times. I love the lyrical way you began it, then brought in a metaphor that spoke to my being a weaver, You stunned me with the idea that mental health is sometimes measured by how “real” we consider God, and our connection with God. Yeah, I’ve seen that! You got me thinking of the irony that the more real that we think God is, the more likely we are to be considered mentally ill! “as though you are any more real than they are.”

    And then, and then, and then… your conclusion was wonderful.

    Eventually I read this out loud a few times, to enjoy not just the messages and provoked thoughts, but also the music in it. I love to write in different styles, but don’t recall ever having the experience of writing such a melodic piece. I admire the medium through which you speak!

    I can relate to your point of view, especially after what I went through this past week. I hope that you will check out my latest post where I share that experience.


    • Thank you so much! I love that you could relate in so many ways to this piece. It is one of my favorites. Foregoing the mention of God lends exactly to your point. What’s more, however, is the dual implication that humanity measures itself against “gods” which are not real from a salvation standpoint (ie. Money, fame, vanity, power, etc.) And so it goes… their view of what makes life purposeful, meaningful & worthy is wrapped within a false idolatry that limits their capacity to embrace others… those who experience life outside of these materialistic norms. We’re all existing here, but we are not all on the same plane of experience. 🙂 I will certainly check out your work… tomorrow if I get the chance. Long day working in the sun & it’s dinner time! Have a wonderful evening (or whatever time of day it is where you are)!

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  4. Wooahhhh. Ok, let me take a breath. That was seriously some Lauryn Hill type lyricism right there. For real, I heard her in my head singing every line of that to me. The message is on point of the style is crazy. Love it.

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