By Way of Brooklyn

Blew in on a Cajun breeze,
warm and easy by way of Brooklyn
Free-flying spirit with no plan of
getting hooked in, but here I am
This breath you delivered
gives my heart a different labor,
enveloped in your savor
I am destined into change, a
rearrange of contextual mind frame,
as this pulse simmers between
reality and potentiality
Your exhale has enamored me
and now I can barely swallow
Memories should follow, but
instead run ahead,
leaving streaks of distraction for
my tiptoes to tread, while I
continue this path of living
My prayers…
answered with forgiving,
and still – I know – the
sway of these emotions just might
grant a sin to grow, and so
the floor will bend more tender
beneath my knees,
as I reflect on these few notions
Please and thank you, I
secretly imparted, not knowing
how all this started, but feeling
somehow there’s a need
being fulfilled
Neither of us fish to be reeled,
concealing more than revealed,
and yet, the seeing was enough
to bait delay
Though without stay,
convictions play back to the
moments when we swayed
upon the beats that wooed
our ways into one path
This aftermath is bittersweet,
without a win, without defeat;
just a linger in the soul
of possibly
Free-flying spirit with no plan,
no end game, no sleight of hand; now
pondering this gift of man
who came my way,
drifting by on shifting winds
over the swamps where Orleans bends,
blowing kisses across my grins
by way of Brooklyn

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