Paper Thin

I wear this skin with a warriors stride,
shouting to the world, “I’m alive, I’m alive!”
Rock with me, roll with me, know this passion;
taking on the world in indestructible fashion.
Sifting through the universe
Gifted with the mental verse
Roaming with the chosen lot
Feeling like the pulse is hot
Stopped all the doubting to feel between my toes
the cool grains of wonder on the path of He knows.
Flowing through the drama as the element of water.
Beyond any containment, I’m the daughter-woman-mother.
Runnin’ with the sharpest blade
Swimming while the others wade
Dancing in the blazing fire
Cutting through the world’s desire
Taking all I’ve seen into the fold of understanding.
Peering past the layers of humanity’s demanding.
Knowing there’s a balance in the mix of “me” and “we”
Intending through the universe to meet my destiny
Every moment close to me
Focused on the victory
Reveling within the win
Even though I’m paper thin
Covering the cuts that hurt too deep to let ’em ride
Avoiding all the strings attached to lovers in the night
Retreating from the voids that seek to taunt my soul
Tasting my defeat when I have hit too many walls
They will never see me fall
Only that I give my all
Rise above the torn apart
Pushing on with all my heart
Hurting in the secret parts no one can invade
Searching down the healing path to help the others fade
Counting every blessing at the wake of every day
because I know the end is just a paper tear away

6 thoughts on “Paper Thin

  1. What? What? What? What? (this is all written while the video is still loading up knowing it’s gonna be good)… ok after watching video: What? What? What? What? We need to hook you up with The Roots band and take you on the road. I could hear the back up music in my head, just get you a good R&B for the hook and no limits. I was wondering what you’re doing posting at 3 in the morning. Now I know. Awesome job. Keep em coming.


    • Lol… you’re so funny! It was kind of a fluke. I toyed with this poem after talking with Xavier about our conversation. I wasn’t feeling it, so I read it to him for feedback Sunday. He said I had to “rap” it live. Nooooo!! Haha… he set up his web cam & was doing beats all in my face. I kept laughing & running out of freakin’ breath. It was hilarious. Then, last night, I was determined to get it right but the darn signal kept going out on me. By 1:30am, I was ready to drop it, but the connection finally stayed through my last attempt… and voila!

      I knew you would trip because this is such a “you” thing. I think my stage name should be “Mini Sree”… Lol

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