The Bliss We Seek

In love with this piece… Sreejit never disappoints!!!

The Seeker's Dungeon

Want is simply the need to succeed beyond the level that supports the whole of our breed. More than survive, we’ve thrived as a species, by consuming the planet and returning the feces. Just contemplating the end, as the bottom comes quick- not judgments man, these facts are legit – thought we were flying, felt the wind beneath our wings, until the ground brings extinction and the end to our dreams.

Hierarchal ambitions, was it in our DNA or have we nurtured it to support a profitable agenda? Upending our future, for the here and the now, we rest easy in the mantra of our imperial vows. Not so complex, as we revel in being chosen, with no direct link to a tribal prophet – not even in the heart – as politicians profit, trading kisses for votes, the throne is the target, elitist to the death bed while repeating…

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4 thoughts on “The Bliss We Seek

    • Last year, one of my pieces was Freshly Pressed by a WordPress staff member who noticed my work on The Seekers Dungeon (now HE has some followers!!!). When I was Pressed (which is kinda like getting run on the front page of a newspaper), my followers more than tripled in a matter of days (from about 150 to 500). Since then, traffic has increased significantly due to the added exposure from those who follow me, as well as my ongoing participation in prompts. All I can really recommend is that you write often and engage others. I used to explore other blogs and visit/comment/follow others frequently. Time escapes me now, especially with the jump in followers and other personal commitments. I’m WAY behind in checking out all of my followers’ blogs… but I want & try to. I think I was on here about two years before I got freshly pressed by WordPress. You just never know when the right piece will be seen by influential people… so blog away and spread the love… and good luck! 🙂 ♡

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  1. Thanks to that DNA, hunger for improvements and crave for changes our brain evolved…We progressed as a civilisation …whether into the right direction -that’s a different question.. Thanks to those wings Gandhi,Luther,Socrates,Einstein, Picasso, Rodin and millions of such wings we are able to grasp at least a particle of what it really means to fly. …Some would never even try.They tend to crawl through life.

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