canvas pic

Here, these thoughts splash…

Where words drip from numb lips,
whispering heart’s throb through bristled tips,
not smooth enough to brush it to life.

Meanwhile… colors hit hard,

chipping delicate sheets with their biting shards –
rocky edges unsoothed by shallow dips in the rinse.


just a pretense display, as the showroom bulges
with the prints being laid.

Soon to be played is will’s posing,
always supposing its sway can repaint history
in softer shades.

But it can’t.

Truth shows vivid today,

with no way to whisk away uncleansed stains,
weeping their pains through filthy veins,
gripping tight to their brushes.

Too many pages left unturned, ‘til
burned into forever are the layers of poor design,
left stacked upon the scale of hardening time,
setting ebb and flow into a state of refusal –

where everything beautiful comes to die.

I want to flip this over, but
it all just sticks… this
stench and ick… this
composting shtick… this
perpetual state of sick that
bleeds its broad strokes across my canvas,
where subtle existence loses its favor to
raping hues of unforgiveness, along with
envy’s splatter, and pride’s full clatter, ‘til
not a single inch of white space remains.

Tomorrow, I will paint under the sun…

and pray it rains.


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2 thoughts on “Canvas

  1. Wow, beautiful. Now that I’ve met you in person, it adds a whole other layer to the way I read your words. I can’t believe I forgot to get someone to take a picture to memorialize it, but I’m sure we’ll meet again down the line.

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    • Aww, thanks. That’s so cool to know. Oh my gosh… neither can I!! I take pictures all the time, and how it escaped me to take one of us… I don’t know. Man, now I’m bummed out about that. I imagine that the “no photos” rule turned that part of my brain off. Lol But yes, I certainly hope we do meet again, as well. I deeply enjoyed being in your company, and truly appreciate the time you took to spend with me and make sure I was taken care of. 💛😁 Next time… I’ll take like 20 pics AND write a poem AND do a video… haha!

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