Growing up, I was the fragile rose emerging from the crack in the concrete, with my family serving as both the concrete and the crack.  Shy and introverted, I desparately desired the approval and acceptance of others, while keeping my vast universe of perceptions, passions, fears and wounds locked away deep within my quiet little soul.

A sentimental sap in every regard, I fell in love with love very early.  Well, I fell in love with the “idea” of love anyway.  For me, it never turned out to be quite what I imagined, but my guess is that is how it is for many people.  We all have pre-conceived notions about love and what it will be like when we experience it.  Life, however, can be cruel and quite relentless when it comes to matters of the heart; be it romance, family or simply compassion for others.  Over time, I’ve learned to turn to God’s Grace for the strength to pick up and move on when it is time to do so.

So here I am after many years of  self-sacrifice, failure and transition.  And I know that without all of what I have experienced, I would not be who I am today… someone completely enamored with life and all the wonders of love beyond self.  As I seek God’s purpose for my ever-evolving existence, I see a significant shift in my perspective… my passions, fears and wounds; where I’ve been; where I am; where I’m going; and the significance of everyone and every circumstance I encounter… and I’ve learned to embrace it all.

A friend led me to this place – WordPress – and I’ve decided to share some of my past emotional battle-cries, as well as the overflowing hope and love I feel today.  Why?  Well, I don’t see myself publishing “my book” anytime soon (lol) and, perhaps, some of my expressions can be beneficial, eye-opening or inspiring to someone else… even if all that means is you realize you aren’t alone in what you feel or have felt in your life.

If you’d like to dig a little deeper, here’s a bit more: http://theseekersdungeon.com/2015/05/01/the-gray-in-between-guest-post-nicole-allen/


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    • Thank you for the mention, Sreejit! Adore you and adore this piece. If I can, I’m going to reblog it. I feel we tellers have a theme song now! 😁 I’m so glad we finally met. 💛


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  6. I would like to share a poem I wrote about Jesus I hope you find it inspiring as I find your work.

    Like gold overlaid with silver
    My true worth is obscured
    Your careless inspection
    Knows me not

    The portrait I have drawn
    Was done with naive hands
    Despising the dream within
    And knows me not

    The people I have met
    Embraced a waxen ghost
    And claimed it a gem
    They know me not

    The tears that fall so lightly
    Bear no true witness
    To the weight of my sorrow
    And know me not

    The places I have been
    Deny me my passion
    Devouring all I have created
    And know me not

    The light that shines so brightly
    On my hearts darkness
    Sought me fervently, He alone
    Knows me well

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    • Of the few poems you’ve shared, I find your work beautifully engaging, intimate and raw. I truly am a fan of what I’ve seen thus far. Is poetry on your blog? I recall mostly summary/essay type posts. Maybe I did not explore enough (as I’ve been out all day, only seeing a little WP on my phone…)


      • Thank you for your feedback. My Blog is mainly for expressing insights and wisdom I have accumulated. I won’t be putting any poetry on my blog but thought I would share with you as in reading your poetry I felt we had some shared sentiments. I really am a fan of your poetry too and am looking forward to further exploring your work.

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    • I agree. And to be forthcoming, I’ve actually had to tap more into my creativity to write poetry recently because I am in a quite peaceful place spiritually. As you read back through my work, especially my secondary blog “A Window into the Past”, you will see a level of passion derived from painfully raw places… many written rapidly and unashamedly through streams of tears. The emotional charge is so fascinating, requiring few filters to be great because it bares all. So I am now learning to better develop my craft without that extreme adrenaline, nor based on “duty” (as I actually write for a living in the speech/media relations atmosphere). Pen to paper is the only work I absolutely love, well… that and my service to Yah. In any case, I do believe I am now rambling… lol. I will certainly stop by your blog, as well, and delve into what appears to be your quite delightful spirit.


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