What will I do with this open-endedness called Life?

Sometimes, I look into crystal blue currents

And see deep dark reflections of pasts

Which bombard my vision into the future,

And I have to put shades on.

There’s a thin line between

Seeing what needs to be seen and

Going blind.

As infinitely intricate as it is…

The simplest concept can make one lose their mind.

How many cuts does it take to cry blood?

How many kisses does it take to cry love?

At what point does the lens shatter,

Disabling one’s ability to tell the difference?

Tears from Heaven produce rainbows;

Who knows such coveted treasures

When the clouds clear inside?

Bulbs blow out when the charge dies,

As with all reproduced energy.

Dim the fluorescent lights,

So I can beat my cane against the walls of darkness

Until I feel the burning rays of sunshine on my soul.

The truth burns without sunscreen,

And all the wise man knows is…

How little he really knows.

Life is filled with false imagery and

The more it teaches me,

The further I drift from reality

Because this one isn’t mine.

We all need something to hold onto,

Yet find ourselves repeatedly letting go;

Eventually refusing to embrace anything –

Real, unreal or surreal.

Seeing is the most elusive act of human nature.

Being is the most destructive art of man’s heart.

What role does blind love play

On a universal stage where there is no beginning and no end,

Just scene after scene of poorly written scripts

Scribed by pens with poison-dripping tips?

Who authored me?

To whom do I owe this standing ovation?

Let me remove my shades and reveal these

Eyes of lies you have filled me up with as

I applaud a job well done.

There’s a thin line between

Seeing what needs to be seen and

Going blind.

But you will not have my vision or my mind.

You cannot steal my rainbows or my dreams,

Nor put to sleep my waking

As I burn beneath the beams of truth.

I refuse to let go, for I will only grab hold of

That which grabs hold of me.

I embrace the unwritten destiny of my crystal blue currents,

As I peer through the dark reflections of my pasts

And gaze intensely into the future.

So many cuts,

So few kisses…

But I will float on these rivers of blood

With the greatest of love,

The deepest of sorrow,

And a never-ending joy

For this open-endedness called Life.

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