Time stands still as I spin
My twists and turns dominate reality
As my axis lands willfully wherever I choose

Not a top to be twirled by the hands of fate
But an entire world to encounter if you dare
My atmosphere is consuming and contagious

Society’s reckoning is severely inept
Blind predictions of false outcomes shaped by
Warped concepts which compose life in the moment

But each moment is fleeting and obscure
A mystery filled with fear, doubt and an ignorance
Which finds rest in the nesting place of vultures

Dictation given by forked-tongue disciples leads to
Transcripts that burn ears, gouge eyes and bleed hearts
When read back aloud

Let my whirlwind gather such voices
And transpose them into silence in the eye of my storm
Where the loose chatter of cosmic demons meet their death

Discover the peace in the journey I offer
Fall asleep in the warmth of the fields in my valleys
Awake to the coolness of wind-whispered breezes along my streams

Rising suns ignite my earth’s fire
As each day bears witness to unimagined hopes
Every moment delivering new beginnings

Falling stars land in opulent soil
Diving against the backdrop of the moon’s glory
As its wisdom glows into the metamorphosis of delayed triumphs

Tides rise higher and higher each night
And crash with laughter into the grains of golden sand
Which adorn my shores of renewed tranquility

This is where you come to drown your sorrow
Here is where you live to lose regret
Rebirth emerges and you are forever new in this land

Come quickly to this place where time stands still
Exist beyond the confines of your contemptuous reality
Encounter me if you dare… I am a force to be reckoned with.

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