Thoughts float…
A few stick like honey to this paper,
dripping why’s and how come’s onto the floor.
I better watch my step
before I’m glued to this uncertainty.
What’s getting into me?
I try to fly incessantly with the sun in my eyes.
Joy floods my skies, and this
Free Spirit of mine
lets passion bleed from concealed wounds
to the surface.
The hounds come howling to lap up my leftovers.
And I don’t mind feeding the needy,
But this lone wolf is lurking in the shadows,
Spying on my soul…
And I am trembling because I like his eyes.
If he captures my wings,
he might ground me and devour me!
How deep will he bite into my soul?
Screeching whispers cloud my mind.
If I pet him, will I become his pet?
If I back into the thicket,
will it cloak my flesh with its stabbing fingers and
shield me from his grip?
The wind breathes into my ear,
“Soar swiftly away before you are lost to him… “
But I am stuck in this honey,
dripping with uncertainty,
succumbing to his snarl, and willingly
submitting as he preys on my naked heart.

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