Blue streaks delineate your purpose,
Outlining refined segments of
Information – categorized by the
Will of my hand.
Bright and inviting, each new
Turn marks a fresh start…
A place to begin again.
Sometimes your yesterdays
Mark the end,
Other times, a means for
Navigating my future.
The pressures of authority and time
Scramble our communication and
Your words become fuzzy, broken
And misunderstood…-
A dilemma best resolved
But when you have flipped
And you stare at me with your
Canary yellow face,
Open to all my whimsies,
Inviting my thoughtful
My mind smiles and
I begin to create
Framed definitions of
Unfinished business
New arrivals…
An agenda for my life’s steps
One by one.
You are the unconventional diary
Of my work.


For Verse First ~ Right Under Your Nose, to describe something close by… I described my notepad.

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