Quiet truth lies in the belly of the unturned

where spoils fed fester then pass on

like roughage for the soul.

What lies in your movement?

Can you taste forbidden fruits and still

dwell in the house of reconciliation,

knowing virtue doesn’t lie in the exception,

but in the Promise?

Or does the threshold give you pause when

contemplation of the forsaking of your path

overcomes your taste buds and

your next steps fall short?

Where are you going?

None are righteous, whether in flesh,

tongue, mind or heart…

remnants of tainted plunder swim

through veins and singe pores –

our Common Base.

But something exquisite lies in the

banquet of faults and virtues served

in the balance of a being.

Can you taste glory without seeing?

Eyes wide open and blind to the bite of

worldly morsels succumbed to by our mouths;

our stomachs remain unnourished.

Like rain, these drops of time and consequence

hit our thirsty tongues, drowning our ability

to discern the sweet from the bittersweet;

and we are lost in the wash of indifference.

But Salvation lives and springs flow

for the cleansing within… so drink.

For the greatest feat is drawing sustenance

from one’s life source; and not

from the death we incessantly swallow.

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