More Than

Here I stand
in the recesses of self-worth,
quantifying the number of deaths it took
to reach this birth.
my name is This Hurts,
and I’m a recovering Lover of Less Than.
Always been a fan of mysterious man,
maybe because father was a late bloomer.
From the rumor mill to the toxic pill,
to the “something about his eyes
makes my breath stand still”…
Whatever “it” has been to draw me
beneath his will – was ever just enough.
Just enough to
strip these layers to the buff.
Hidden worlds within my bosom
ran amuck, starved for a taste of love.
Wading trenches drenched in mud,
losing ground every time…
Grasping hope to rise above,
falling deeper down the line…
Never a blind eye, just
a heart asking why, making room
for shifting skies.
But clouds give shade, then
regurgitate rain over fresh tears,
drowning optimism in its own fears.
No part compensates for the whole;
foolishness plucks the single yellow rose,
expecting the thorns not to
bleed their nature.
This nomenclature of “half-full”
runs its course and leaves one empty.
I’ve spent years in recovery;
the first step, that is.
Perched in this corner,
nothing more’s required; if only,
love would just retire.
I could free my soul to play, but
Vice’s reach is a pinch away and
I must survive its touch.
Lovers of Less Than lose too much,
so I will stay behind these
cautious eyes and pray
I somehow recognize
when More Than comes my way.

In response to Dungeon Prompt, “I Am A Recovering (fill in the blank)”

162 thoughts on “More Than

  1. Nice read.

    PTSD is definitely a topic to discuss. It hurts to know our Service Men/Women have to suffer with no backing from the Country from which they endured this illness from. People need to try and understand them and be more sympathetic to their needs.
    I’m bringing awareness to a Service Member that is in need. Please help support him and his family by visiting this site, making a donation and spreading the word so others can equally visit. The more visitors the faster this Service Member can be released from one Mental Stress and focus on the help needed.
    So visit and share, even write a story so others can visit.

    Thank You

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    • Thank you for sharing, Flashback. I know many Vets, young and old, including my father. I’ve seen the full gamut… from excellent care to guinea pig experiments to many of the homeless Vets I know with mild to severe mental illness without any support. Regardless, they are always a different caliber of people. I will pray for the words to bring awareness. Thank you, again, for your request.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Don. I appreciate your feedback. I also saw your reblog comment. I am honored that you think so highly of my piece to speak of it as worthy study material. You have made my night! 🙂


    • You know what… I never really thought about that. I used to write music all the time when I was young. I could totally do that with my poetry, although it doesn’t fit the “song” format… (would have to add chorus frames and such). Dust off the piano and whip out the flute! 🙂


    • I checked it out. Well done and very true. Life’s about navigating through changes and experiences, embracing all the seasons and turning outward into the world, sharing your gifts and divine love. My phone isn’t allowing me to comment on your post right now, so I did here. 🙂

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