Heart Strumming Haiku

Beyond baseline beats
this treble defines trouble
shredding flat-line streaks

Worlds catching fire
serving judgment with disdain
The outcome’s dire

Name dripping from lips
where shifty frames lost their games
Shame’s leaving its tips

I’ve lost love and time
breaching steady vibrations
toeing heart’s fault line

Stability screeched
as reality broke in
leaving hope impeached

Retreat and mourning
granting gentle spirit’s rest
til healing’s dawning

Regret fell on steps
making their way toward peace
Only none was left

Fate mocked in her way,
“You never loved a man who
you liked anyway”

4 thoughts on “Heart Strumming Haiku

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  2. Nice. The last line is perfect. I haven’t seen this style of haiku before with the rhyming scheme. It’s pretty cool and gives more of a flow – maybe that’s why you called it strumming.


    • Stop reading my mind! 🙂 This is the one I’ve been grappling with for a few weeks. It began as a half written old poem of mine, but it was tethered to the past in an unsatisfactory way, representing feelings I no longer feel. So, after I got past the notion of trying to resurrect those emotions for the sake of this piece, I decided to make it a different type of labor… an ongoing haiku… that strummed together the breadcrumbs which led to said enlightenment. Anyway, thanks… and I really don’t mind you reading my mind.


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