Traversing Wonderland

What space do you inhabit?
Is this Wonderland your paradise…
Does it vex your soul or sit just right…
Are you Mad Hatter or racing Rabbit?

To run amuck in a timeless place;
scurrying about these painted lands,
swimming through these wetted sands,
and there – the Chester wears my face.

What is not false here?
I see demons on the thrones,
angels’ shadows on the gnomes;
courageous hearts crinkling in their fear.

Breathing in the tawdry saga;
fixing words to tell your truth,
until the tale starts telling you.
How will the skew escape nirvana?

Only tainted eyes can see…
cracking shades to peer at night,
wiping lids to shed some light;
one good blink is all we need to be free.

Down the rabbit hole of life,
leave the top hats at the table;
quite enough here reigns unstable.
Run the course and let veracity be rife.

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