He Laughs

He’s tickled through the seasons…
and I’m the reason.
Sometimes, He laughs so hard, He cries;
especially, when I am wise and
rest assured that tomorrow’s figured out.
What is that about?
He grins;
wiping His eyes from winter’s night
to spring’s daylight,
shaking off all those tears.

But summer bore my soul…
and I’m gifted in this role.
I can talk the talk
and walk the walk, taking
troubles with an easy stride.
Is that right?
He shakes His head;
letting summer’s streak turn up the heat
‘til every feat
feels like scaling the Himalayas.

Now, really, how hard can it be?
Recovery is a breeze…
I’ve fallen hard with autumn’s blow, and
at this age I ought to know just how to
pick up all the pieces and move on.
Oh, girl, come on!
His insides chuckle;
while He watches my knees buckle,
posture truckled
low beneath the changing winds.

I say, “Look, God, let’s get this straight!
Through all your plans, I bear the weight,
weather storms and give you praise;
yet, mysteries compose my days.”
Roaring, sparks and rolling seas…
Well, I’ll be!
He slaps His knee;
catching breath for words with me.
Lovely child, do see…
you project for just one life; I, for eternity.

For Dungeon Prompt: Making God Laugh

17 thoughts on “He Laughs

  1. Just went through 6-7 of your poems and this one is outstanding. Loved the way you kept it so simple. Indeed that grace is the charming sound of this poem. Re-blogging it. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful poem! We are one piece of the puzzle in the bigger picture of the Universe. Somehow, we individual pieces fit into God’s eternal plan for the big picture. This poem reminds me of how closely knit my old community is to me.

    I almost didn’t find the comments section because I could read your entire post without clicking on the individual post title to expand the post. I was wondering how to make a comment, until I tried to click on the individual title.

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    • Lol… I get stuck in WordPress world sometimes too. I’m searching for a like button or comment icon… later realizing that some people choose not to have those. It’s so unfair to leave my raving comments stuck on my tongue! 🙂 Thank you so much. Yes… we are all one on an eternal mission that, at best, we glean a subatomic glimpse of if we are extremely in tune with the universe! … my opinion anyway 🙂


  4. I really like the mood of this one. Like how you made it fun without losing the uniqueness of your flow. And still kept it highly philosophical but like medicine with sugar, easier to take. Nice.


    • Thank you. I enjoyed writing this one a lot. I have a very fun/silly side, so that came easy. Weaving in the philosophy with the correct balance between the two was a bit more challenging.


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