The Other

And then there were four…
maybe more.

An angel dipped in vixen’s smile
A pixie lodged in Heaven’s meanwhile
When I am we and
we are she, and
all these truths are simply me,
fighting pasts so future’s free

A hidden heart upon my sleeve
This wounded soul without reprieve
Baring little and
giving all, and
smiling as the guillotines fall,
turning oft’ from the wretches’ call

A fallen spirit which bounces back,
still laying low neath doubt’s attack
Letting go and
holding tight, and
though I’ve won, I lose this fight;
a day’s victory that weeps at night

Looking out to go which way
I mustn’t pause, and yet I stay
One foot out and
one foot in, and
every end is where I begin,
losing sight of enemy and friend

I cannot measure; I am no judge,
but at this core is always a nudge
I know right and
I know wrong, and
still I question this depth of song;
an ego so weak, a passion so strong

Quietly pacing sophistication’s floor
Clinging to beats ‘til sound plays no more
Shish this mind and
scream this soul, and
bite this tongue to shield my core,
while spirit runs wild forevermore

For Dungeon Prompts: Introducing the Alter Ego

I have a rather diverse personality, and am not one to necessarily “hide” who I am, other than for the relevance of context. I won’t be the dancing wild child at work or the rigid supervisor during service or the reclusive loner in a close relationship or the sensual partner without a betrothed… and, still, I am all of these and many more dichotomies. Perhaps the thing I always am is a nurturer… a fixer… the one who wants to make all things right; but I even tire of that innate calling, at times. Sometimes, my “kum ba ya” becomes “go over there… please!” Ha-ha. Well, I don’t know if I’m necessarily revealing much. As an all or nothing person, my “all” isn’t necessarily everything and my “nothing” is far from empty… so, make of it what you will. 🙂

18 thoughts on “The Other

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  3. A lot of people say the bible is full of contradictions but I say ‘nay, it is full of paradoxes,’ things that seem to contradict though are true. God is a God of paradox which might explain why you are a paradoxical creature.

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    • There is so much I can say to this, but cannot quite formulate fully. Everything essentially has an opposite, otherwise most things would be without definition. We are all connected to this world and the heavens in varying degrees. We have the capacity for anything real and imagined (which is also real). We exist on varying levels of poles measured by opposite ends. We are all souls wearing flesh and hosting spirit. Again… in varying degrees based on many factors coming together to create our essence. God gave us free will to choose and navigate the sources from which we draw personal power, and how we, in turn, share that power with others. We cannot embrace one aspect of self and deny the others if we are to be effective and genuine in this life. To see oneself clearly is to empower oneself to evolve and move closer to His Light (if one chooses). Interpretation is key. Truth is so much more than we can wrap our minds around. Thus, it is imperative that we take in whatever we can in full measure, knowing that whatever we see, “know,” or understand still isn’t even half the picture. ……. well, I just left a 3-hour meeting, so my brain is snapping away and likely making points that have nothing to do with your comment. But I do appreciate it! 🙂


      • “Everything essentially has an opposite, otherwise most things would be without definition.” That is about as clearly said as I’ve heard it said, and I fully agree.

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      • God gave us the law to show how desperately we needed grace, then he gave us grace to prove what the law couldn’t do, Grace could. When I read the bible the message I get over and over again from God is that Grace is better than righteousness and I remember this pivotal point when interpreting everything else.

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