No one heard it;
the way my inflamed soul crushed
its gentle spirit
Loosed from Heaven’s cradle,
submersed in this rancid pit,
freeing roses from my grasp as I
inhale life’s constant shit
Granted breath amid the remnants
of tainted hearts and tattered loves
Sleeping still among the blackbirds,
while dreams nest between the doves
Fate has never known my heart,
desires – too small for this will, hope…
has yet to render goods worth the
balance of sorrow’s bills
Conforming child of fluid girth,
lucid mind without a voice;
maturing youth misunderstood, as
inner worlds escaped the noise;
misguided lass breached into being,
ridiculed for the light in seeing;
locked away the depth of self just
to glean conditional heeding
From a time of unconditional ceding,
a chronic mask of nod and smile; a
sacrificial traveler en route to redeeming
ankle-strapped to unyielding meanwhile
Accumulated breaking for a lifelong bend,
slow-flame burning at the stake;
rendered full-circle by the stretch which
stirred myself into awake
Selfless mission now aware, my
deeming mind makes no mistakes;
only, healing circumvented this
lowly heart still on the take.

For Dungeon Prompts: Breaking Point

6 thoughts on “Snap…

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  2. I’ve not contributed to this prompt yet, but after reading yours, I think I might do it too. You never disappoint. Another good one. – Not that you have to live up to it, I think you just naturally flow in a dungeon prompty kind of way… Love the honest introspection.

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    • Lol… “in a dungeon prompty kind of way” … love it! Thanks so much. Some weeks, I wouldn’t write at all if it weren’t for your prompts. So, I’m very glad I flow in such a way. 🙂

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