The Heart of the Matter

In and out air flows,
with this pulse blood goes;
head to toes, I am the proof
of the matter.
Flesh and bones,
within me roams
the good and evil that swells
from humanity’s clatter.
Kissed by Glory,
the center of my story;
a smoldering river running
through life’s winter.
And there is where
all the power reigns bare;
a ball of flames igniting
weary travelers.
Disarming, spin of wire;
discharging mystical fire,
rolling out the very stuff
we must unfold.
Unassuming overcomer,
universal spirit lover;
walking out mercy and grace
as scripture’s told.
Magical essence,
blessed quintessence;
spilling over into worlds who
want the drinking.
From here all words,
soul’s thoughts be heard;
unleashing love, the deepest root
for all the living.
Cast about,
self-regard left out,
braving the path for
anonymity transcending
to where my earth
meets Heaven’s hearth
and Holy hands commence
the gentle blending.
Without an ear,
but still it hears;
and though no eye nor mind,
it still believes.
For all it knows,
His Will imposes;
and in surrender, with one voice,
rejoices and grieves.
Nothing earned,
however discerned;
I’ve a force in my depths
which sets me free.
Along the way,
others too, I sway;
by way of this supernatural
heart living in me.

For Dungeon Prompts: Our Magical Powers

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