Will I…

Ever know how to backwards dive

Free fall in faith with open eyes

Unwind my soul to open the door

Drop this grip onto trust’s floor

Release the net that drips my heart

Let broken pieces compose the art

Shake the angst within mind’s ear

To have love swallow the depths of fear

Walk on waves to taste the foam

Sink and drown and know I’m home

Melt in the corners of what I feel

Waken from that dream and it’s still real

Fold into the mold of someone’s truth

Blend with the seeds which bore the fruit

Fully surrender to the edge of bliss

In between my sun and moon’s quiet kiss?

2 thoughts on “Will I…

    • Thank you! I certainly understand… I love my fellow bloggers, but time is very limited on my end, so I am waaaaayyy behind on reading my favorites, as well as exploring my new followers. I will though… I absolutely will!! 🙂


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