Hard Lessons

28 years later… this song still breaks my heart… and inspired this…

Searching crowds for angels…
in this fusion of heaven and hell
Lost in want’s illusion,
taken prey to trickster’s spell
Reaching for fool’s gold,
falling into murky rivers
Gasping for deeper breaths,
which only truth delivers
Warming in the heat of
closing’s settling sun,
just to watch the stars fade
before the dawning comes
Dancing in jubilation for
the might of almost right,
then drifting into the chill
of abandon’s empty night
Closing eyes to fade into
the fog of “it’s okay”…
waking from the folly,
in the tide of tossed away
Losing frame of reference
in the catch of just belonging
to sacrifice each freedom
worth the soul’s believing
Wagering heart’s peace
for the sake of one more try
Earning one more lesson
at the end of love’s goodbye

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