Walking With Intention Day 10 by Nicole Allen

Check out Sreejit’s Walking With Intention Project for the month of November. There are amazing contributions here, and more to come! I was fortunate to be today’s featured guest contributor.

The Seeker's Dungeon

A Reflection on Intentional Living

by Nicole Allen aka Apoetic1 of Nik’s Place

My Defining…

Not so much calculations, but revelations – conscientious estimations regarding outcomes. Before endings become, the intentional ones ascertain the losses and gains awaiting the conclusion of any chosen path. The fallout from wrath; the break of too many mistakes; the accumulated scars which brand their mark after one too many broken hearts; the void when give succumbs to take; the bite in the air when the room is full, but no one’s really there… are all reasons for each of us to be subconsciously awake and moving, thinking, speaking, acting and being intentionally.  Always sharpening the blade…

Body Pic 1_Sharpening the Blade_T2

I don’t believe in chance. I believe we are each designed by the Creator for a purpose. And so, the universe engages us constantly toward that end. Whether and how we choose to engage with the universe is…

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