Through this dungeon I tread, seeking foundation for my head, reaching to shed layers of dead skin weighing down my levity. Discovery bends the shadows into brevity, shoring up this beacon of longevity within the good fight. Degrees of might empower me to chill with this burning; ride easy in this yearning; roll gently through this turning of corners, surpassing the borders and overcoming life’s hoarders. Freeing are these steps of depth, sinking deeply past the muck of ground floor, digging soles to push hard to the core, giving each journey around the sun just a bit more vesting toward worthiness. Heart confesses secrets held beneath tresses, as abandon gives way to less consuming distresses and the wilderness within gets lost in these walls, whispering away all that forces my spirit’s stay. Truth is arresting in its liberating way, evidenced by my rampant run to its torches, illuminating scorches along this dark and narrow path.

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