Undetectable, over the years it builds…
an immunity to spirituality’s shield
Freedom’s imposter wears the mask of my will
Feigning impunity as the soul seals the deal 

Left in the wreckage are projection’s lies,
a catatonic mind lost behind worldly eyes
Everything known is everything inside;
therein lies the root of everything despised 
More than the sum of those reckless pieces;
more than the plane of one lost existence;
beyond the carnal cycles of elation and bane,
a holding of supreme elevation still reigns 
Woven into the ranting and raving malarkey –
a straining vibration against mankind’s lethargy;
the hush of the noise when spirits are freed;
the rush of the joy when barren eyes see 
But we fight and we fight and we fight against love,
turn our backs on the notion of grace from above
Answers are sought through the lids of the blind,
living like there is no end of the line 
We bend and we bend and we bend without break,
reveling in pride with sanity on the take
Dreams become nightmares we just can’t shake
because life is a coma and we refuse to awake 
Wake up! Wake up! We can still be alive
Pick up the armor and strengthen the stride
Our strategies differ, but we’re in the same war
Us against them will never settle the score 
Victory begins when we know there’s much more
than the stench of deception we wear like cheap whores
Not man against man, but love versus fear
Use spiritual authority to make the view clear 
One note across the board, but nothing’s the same
Everyone plays a part, but no one’s to blame
Every piece, so different, building towards one end –
all are in the struggle hoping to transcend 
Don’t go on defeated behind enemy lines
Harness your spirit to the ties that bind
to eternity’s promises for the chosen wielded
Let today be the day you march onward shielded 

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