Failure to Destroy

Deep-seeded eruptions mark your intent,
delivering limits to the fullest extent
Your stint has run its maximum course as
submission transcends the depth of your force
Remorse will settle in the cracks of your pride,
and flip the perspective down memory’s ride
Leashed up charms – bait and switch for your harms;
no alarms, but I remain suited up in these arms
Can’t farm out true missions with half-baked renditions
of tyrants and warlords without ammunition; ‘cause
fruition comes calling and players start falling when
formidable hearts withstand all the mauling
Uprising rides on the bows of love’s archers;
bondage – crushed beneath vigilant marchers
Battles are won through clarity’s tears,
when fears turn to courage as enlightenment rears
Opportunity seized in the learning of your soul
Righteousness choked out the means for your goal
Redemption, high-perched, gazes on your crawl
to witness your everything is nothing at all
And there goes the head off your body of evil
And there stands the shed of your crimes disheveled
Self-induced prisoner of irony’s fate
Self-imposed reaper of karma’s next date
Twisting and turning, for now it’s too late
You toyed with the heavens; got purged from the gates
What waits down the path on the road now chosen?
A fire which burns in a land now frozen
Cursed by the prowess of mortal seductions
Failed in the charge of this soul’s destruction
Coming redone in the peace of my mind; as
you’re left undone at the end of your vine