Locked Away

Springs of Life

flow foolishly

from this artery.

Again I’ve failed

to heed

the only scripture

written just for me…

“Above all else,

guard your heart”

Gift of Love

without capacity

is the package

wrapped within me.

And every drop

that falls down my face

reminds me that

all I need is His Grace.

Purposed for more

than any embrace,

any sweet word,

any false hope

of united worlds,

any deep kiss,

or dreamy gaze,

any stirring in my depths

for loving ways.

Be still.

Don’t sway.

Nothing I feel is ever meant for me.

The longing in my veins,

ripple in my blood,

tingle in my pores,

overflowing love…

all tools of service,

mercies from Above.

Forever in His Will

to live outside myself;

I’ll cross the line no more,

dream of nothing else.

Sinking into the dusk,

what must be locked away.

Rising in the dawn

rediscovering my way.

Obeying every word

of His Proverb

as I start…

Above all else,

I will guard my foolish heart.

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