My Reason

a simple glance
and my heart glows
the only reason I held it together
the very reason I fell apart
the driving force behind
every gentle step and
every fervent stride
how would the void have been filled
what could I have clung to
had I remained gift-less
not a reflection of my flesh
but surely the essence of my soul
brilliant, discerning, confident, righteous,
level… all the things I never was
and also my father’s dimples
easy on the eyes
with lashes from here to eternity
heavy on this heart
which somehow loves him more every second
my soul belongs to God
but everything else good in me is immeasurably his
my reason for laughing loudly
my reason for sobbing from the pit of my stomach
my reason for doing, not trying
why I push through fear and conquer giants
the first “thank you for…” in my morning prayer
and “please protect…” in each thereafter
my inspiration
my joy’s companion
my most delightful and most difficult challenge
my devil’s advocate when my head is unclear
why I must survive – but sometimes let go
why the more I learn
the more I question what I know
the perfect paradox to the angst of history
the most significant justification for my presence here
my deepest of loves and only clear purpose
the hero of my failures and meaningful successes
my son

7 thoughts on “My Reason

    • Hi Karuna! One of the cool things about the prompts is they give you a bit of a clue if you have no idea what the person is writing about. Still, I’m often tempted to give some type of synopsis before or after some of my pieces because I can be too abstract sometimes if you don’t know where I’m coming from. When I first read Sreejit’s story about Kevin and the gals, my reaction was, “What in the world made him write that? Are these people he knows, but maybe with aliases…? Is he on a random short-story kick (because there was that one about the girl at the gas station too)” Lol… then I realized it was a prompt – duh – and it made complete sense! What, at first, seemed totally random became quite a brilliant adaptation from a few simple, yet specific, cues. In any case (guess I’m feeling chatty), thank you kindly for taking the time to reread my poem. I am feeling so much love from this community and I am thrilled to be part of a circle of exceptional writers. 🙂


      • I remember having that feeling/thought early on when I read pieces of his that seemed to come out of nowhere. They almost always were responses to prompts. I loved discovering what the prompts were.

        Sometimes I mention the prompt at the beginning and sometimes I don’t. I think I most often share it at the beginning when I’m going to be writing about a topic that I wouldn’t normally address…. or perhaps am uncomfortable addressing.

        I agree, this is a wonderful community and I am so thankful to be part of it.


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  2. Yeah! Awesome. I was totally in your flow the whole time. The meaning is fantastic and the way that you built it up is great, and the way that you just can’t have enough to say about your son – I loved the whole thing. Had to read it twice because the second time it all made sense the first time I kept thinking it’s this relation or that friendship, but then then after completing it, it was all clear. Great job.


    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I pour out my everything, but then, you never know for sure if anyone else is going to get it… especially when it is so very personal. I always think… will they be able to relate. So, I try not to focus on that aspect, knowing that even in different interpretations words serve a purpose… personal to however that person digests them. I’m glad you like it though. Frankly, it will have even greater perspective if you read the poem I posted just before it… Façade. I wrote Façade last night but didn’t have time to post it. Then, I saw your Prompt this morn and for the life of me couldn’t think of anyone else but him. So, I think together they tell the full story… and maybe others will “get it” too. 🙂


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