Not adrift
but set apart
No mainland hold
on these shifting sands
Change is a constant wind
dancing through this air of solitude
where contentment keeps loneliness at bay

Abiding moments
of contemplation ask
is paradise still paradise
if uninhabited, unexplored
The sweetest of fruits is a farce
until placed on the lips of judgment
Can this existence know any lesser truth

the prize is
enveloped in this
untouchable quality
this surmising of what
is seen from distant perspectives
which cannot fathom the reality of this reality

This reality
an organic mix
of palpable flaws
and esoteric divinity
harbored in segments
of seed, soil, sprout and bloom
unimpressive singly, breathtaking in concert

stir blue
causing mischievous
waves to settle quietly
against these defusing shores
Heart’s core extending roots of cultivation

An island
set apart for
moving spirits
voiceless tears and
loveless souls reaching
for an absence of vexatious flesh
embodied in an Eden harvested by His hand

2 thoughts on “Island

  1. WOW! I think you’ve struck a chord here; certainly with me! It really sounds like a sound explaination of this creepy place where nobody knows your name! I do Nick! And I’ll be back! Your poetry is delicious! Smile, and I promise you, barring dying in a freak mud slide, I’ll be smiling for you too :O)


    • Smile? You made me laugh out loud! … a creepy place where nobody knows my name. Love your take on the mysterious air of this piece. And, I now know my poetry is delectably edible, as well. Yay! 🙂 Please steer clear of those freakish mud slides… there’s always more than one route to the other side of town! If only our two smiles were infectious enough to fill the world…


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