Feels like rain…
these drops of indifference
Wet air dripping pretentious traces of
hope laced in heavy rhetoric,
cooling my neck with voids that
once left me hot under the collar
Now my mind wonders how
so many fell out of scope,
failing to see society is a product
of how we choose to cope
Dominion of our souls
submitted to associations
forming labeled nations
devised for exactly that goal
What level of insanity
loses its humanity to
powers ill-equipped to
rise up, size up or wise up
life’s blood flow?
Veins reduced to
vessels of restraint,
no longer a source for
pumping up a stepping up
to the oversized plate of the man
Not a condition, a choice –
Heart’s affirmation in losing its voice
Minority rules
majority fools
who blind themselves
in the dewy comfort of
freedom’s containment
Liberty differentiates
pacifist partisan outpours
from wellsprings of true sustenance
When do we get to vote on that?

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