Setting sail ever so often

Expecting all aboard to be on board

With the nature of the journey

Not the vices of their nature

Still, each succumbs

Unequal in stature to the

Depth of complexity and weight of

Naivety which carry this faith, this

Abundance of unrelenting hope

Surpassing the abysmal waves of reality

In a sea of loose ends, failed dreams

And lost purpose… all of them

Fallen asunder, not separated

But never knowing…

Never knowing the strength of love,

Enchantment of imperfection,

Will of truth or beauty in sacrifice

Dismounted from planks of insecurity,

Graciously, false lovers dismiss their

Feigned presence from the sights

Of my heart, freeing me to cling to

This anchor, this artery, this life source

Of divinity, where the unknown

Embraces my soul with a gripping

Tenderness unmatched by any

Vow of adoration ever deposited here

Emptied out, but not void

This chest is open to the Universe,

Readied for all the treasures which

Exist beyond this earthly shore

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