Ten years and counting

since I learned to bleed

Wounds no longer festering

inside this shell of broken dreams

Time redeems the hollowed spaces

while the hand of God replaces

the varicose traces of those imprints on my soul

Embraced in the Whole that gives me freedom

Losing bondage for the Kingdom

Eternity’s gift the day it saw the shackles fall

I will never look the same

a different cause, a different name

The knowing abandoned at the end of my glance

No reflection of your brand upon my heart

just one stroke in the beauty of this art

Now I dance in the comforts of chance

in a world divinely made for me

Thank you for the time you couldn’t spare

for stealing moments of my air

for breaking down all the good I tried to see

So grateful for vacant dinner tables

silence when all was unstable

unheard cries through darkest nights

heartless acts with scornful might

That smothering absence of any heed

whenever my spirit couldn’t breathe

was exactly what I needed to survive

Never was a fall so low until your kind

I came to know and still the rise so

ever high once failure resurrected hope

The scope is immeasurable

this growing into self in spite of self

by way of self’s ability to overcome the impossible

You crushed the innocence of my love while

laying the stepping stones for my ascension

And at least in this dimension I am compelled

to thank you for all the wrongs that fueled

the heaving throng of miseries which freed me

Ten years and counting the ever mounting

sea of blessings which hold my being

in a depth of seeing that guides my path

since the day I walked away from you

5 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Another wow! I love the imagery and the message. I think this poem will have value to future, and possibly present clients, so I will save it. I already sent the Of Heart and Perfection one to one of my groups.

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      • I can’t imagine myself writing any poetry much less anything with the depth of yours. I’m going to take the new Blogging U poetry class though so maybe I will be able to do “something” in that arena.

        I encourage you to move forward on the book you mention in your “about” page!


        • Oh how fun that should be. I believe I’ll revisit the book once my son is off to college in another year. I’m sure I won’t know what to do with myself without my favorite person in the world around. The book would be a good distraction and may likely prevent me from becoming more of a workaholic with my main personal obligation away from me.

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