Unto You

Bellows burst open the careful seaming of my soul,
as I lift up my being to the Lord.
Wearing this offering best with abandon; if I
arrived clothed, soon I won’t be anymore.
Love rises from these faults and failures, like
the trembling chords of freedom’s first cry.
Your embrace unfolds all my secrets,
taking death to renew this child’s life.
Out loud, You shine through exalting’s stance;
in palms’ submitting, face’s illuminating,
eyes’ pouring out of your proof, while feet
dance in the rivers of Glory’s wading.
My tongue swells with praise, and these days
fade with moments of profound Presence.
With the salted wet pores which seep my wear, I
wipe away this playground’s dust from my senses,
leaving room for your restoration only.
Cleanse my spirit with angels’ harmony:
the blistering fire; the smoldering flame; the
gentle flicker… all the same, engulfing me.
The sound of your grace cannot be named;
the depth of your mercy to no phrasing belongs.
All I can offer in the surrender of my all –
the float of my voice upon the heart of my song.

For Dungeon Prompt: Take Me To Church

32 thoughts on “Unto You

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  2. I love it when a beautiful writing finds me at a moment I needed to read this…open to this. There are too many lines that speak to me…I kept nodding my head…rereading this poem…and your last line is the golden ribbon that ties it all together. ..written from the heart and felt by your readers.

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  3. You have expressed many thoughts so well. This is a beautiful poem, as are many of your poetry. I had considered writing about exaltation, but I couldn’t formulate a long prose so I wrote on something else more familiar to me.

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    • Well you know how I feel about your piece. Thank you… there just wasn’t a second thought for me. Worship is the most stirring aspect of my life – period! Like I told Karuna, I knew immediately what to write. I love this week’s prompt!


  4. “My tongue swells with praise, and these days fade with moments of profound Presence.” This line really speaks to me. The whole thing of course is great as usual, and overflows in the way that you feel your heart overflowing when filled with the Spirit.

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  6. I found this poem very beautiful & profound. I especially like the part about salt wet pores – this poem speaks of a steadfast resilience, and that inspires me. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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