“Analyze This…”

Two words my mentality will never dismiss;
from the twist in the tragedy, to the
depth of the bliss, to the
tremble and the breath at the edge of a kiss.
I exist in this head;
know the bite of its blade,
ride the curve of its arc, while I
bask in its shade.
Every moment that lives –
replay the end to the start;
a sliding scale of B-Sharp that
falls off at the heart.
Oh, and there won’t be trust;
ledger’s full, ink is dry,
etching each of the truths
which fed my soul lies.
No flow can exist behind the
pain in these eyes, for as
lips murmur love, the
deeds call out spies, and
the whispers they share
dam up nature’s rise ’til
fertility’s numb and free-spirit is wise.
Wearing no more than the
face I’ve been given.
Knowing no more than the
weight I’ve been living.
Grasping no less than the
hope I believe in.
Faltering faith from these
thoughts that I swim in.
“Analyze this…” is the
mantra I dwell in, but
I’d rather be void of this
compulsive affliction.
Conductor of rhyme with
bullets of reason; every
marker of time – my own open season.
Firing off because
there’s just no pleasing
a mind that won’t stop and a
heart filled with treason.
If for only a moment, I could
hold to the seeming;
I’d rather be void than
driven by meaning.

For Dungeon Prompt: I’d Rather be…

10 thoughts on ““Analyze This…”

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    • Yep… been all over! Family stuff… more family stuff… a little fun stuff… and more family stuff! 🙂 Three states in four weeks… whew! Was moving around too much & too tired to keep up with my WordPress family. But I’m back now! … and I appreciate the sentiment.
      Yes… yes… ignorance is bliss, and yet we always want to know… 😉

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  2. Wow, awesome. I really love the conclusion – was wondering where you were headed with it. I was stuck on, “Oh, and there won’t be trust; ledger’s full, ink is dry, etching each of the truths which fed my soul lies.” for awhile because the flow is so good. That part was staying with me, staying with me and then you killed me with the end.

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    • Awesome! Glad you’re feeling it. Yeah, that part has a double meaning… one is the point that there’s an account of experiences which negatively affect trust in the present… the other is the notion that whatever truth existed in those accounts either turned out to be false or perceived as such. In either case, the result is the same. If your mind is ruled by defining the meaning of every little thing, eventually the lines between reality and imagination will blur. I guess there’s is such a thing as being too smart for one’s own good. 🙂

      And it’s good to be back… seriously missed you guys while traveling the past month!

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