Perhaps my heart will fall apart…

Each restart is a higher climb, a
broader sea for my mind to find
those pearls worth working hard for
I guess I’m here to be adored, but
can I spare another exit from my soul?

Never a part, always more than whole;
I surrender everything needed,
freely or conceded, but
unquestionably intentional…
for what is love, otherwise?

It is not wise – it is not worthy;
unequally yoked, lacking survey,
more than whims, but not infinities, a
source of strength that will destroy me
– nothing resolute.

Standing astute, I carve the edge
where charms fall short and hope is bled,
knowing that distance plays my hand
with shield and sword, nonetheless…
Life is my prison, and Faith – the ward.

This light that shines also betrays,
drawing nearer all that sways, and
though I run, there’s no escaping the
unexpected beau in waiting, no matter
how intensely my eyes are shut.

So, what the hell, I let it go…
release myself to feel once more
the rush of all divinity on earth;
pour out the brilliance of my worth upon
the end of a thorn that says “this hurts”

No, not a fool, though it may seem;
rather, a dreamer with titanium wings
All these blows that crush the tepid mold;
all these screams inside that won’t be told
– a greater means for love’s unfold

A process filled with many leaps; a
vast containment with tiny leaks; and
though I lose, victory has peaks, so I
swallow hard and brave the ride,
praying somehow I’ll survive…

this ebb and flow of tragic beauty;
finite space for eternal duty; taste of
forever with nowhere to start;
indestructible force within my heart;
the deeper knowing I long to impart

before it all just falls apart

For Dungeon Prompts: Only for the Fierce of Heart.

7 thoughts on “Indestructible

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  2. I really resonate with the experience you are describing in this poem…. I’ve been there too! I also agree with what both you and Sreejit say about each other! You do share threads.

    I love this poem.

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    • Thank you, thank you, Karuna. I sometimes wonder to myself… is it a tragedy or a blessing to be able to sustain blow after blow and still have a hopeful heart…. the proverbial glutton for punishment! But that would be cynical. While I can deliver an ample dose of sassy sarcasm; a cynic, I am not. 🙂


  3. Love it. “for I guess I’m here to be adored,” fist struck me, but then came, “Life is my prison, and Faith – the ward.”
    Wow, nice. I love the psychological dissection of it. Often when I read your stuff I feel that it is something that I could have written myself and since I guess I’m here to be adored, that would be a compliment. Actually this theme that you use is the first theme that I picked (after realizing I could pick my own theme…) a few years ago. I bet there is some psychological similarities between the theme’s that people pick and the kind of stuff that they write. (There are particular themes when I see it, I already have an aversion to, before reading…. ) anyways, nice as always.


    • Awesome… as I tend to consider you the epitome of artistic measure, your stamp of approval is always inspiring! 🙂
      Thank you, and I agree with your perspective. We certainly share a thread… if not several… because I usually resonate deeply with your work, even if it is not a topic or issue I am typically inclined to address; your expression, psychology and play on conceptual imagery always fascinates my creative senses and generates a – YES! Exactly!!! Absolutely, there’s a psychological connection between themes and creative tendencies. I find myself fighting myself to NOT talk about the same things in the same way. What’s closest to the heart and soul flows the easiest, so therein lies my challenge… engaging myself to venture beyond the obvious. Your prompts definitely help with that effort.


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