One moment feels like forever;
a lever stuck in ‘up’,
a failure to flip the switch

Time holding to its bosom;
as you suckle in your full until
fate tears you from its tit

Reaching for what has been;
delivers fool’s dismay, for
yesterday has gone astray

Retreating back in sorrow;
to the cursed land of ‘should’
that paves the coward’s way

Tomorrow wears no better;
stealing time to tease desires,
but never once fulfilling one

For fruition is a killer;
feigning passions of the heart
until the final deed is done

Who cares what might’ve been;
or even what could be, as
neither holds a truth it can endow

What, then, of destiny…
how can one know eternity when
walking deaf and blind within the now

9 thoughts on “Now

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  4. Very nice summation of the state of many. There is no fulfillment in a wasteland such as this where people lament the past, living in unrealities. Forgetting the now not willing to face it, rather soothing themselves with the same mistakes time and again. That was my take away. Not sure if it’s what you meant. Though it felt that way.

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    • Your takeaway is certainly part of it. It’s also about people not being present… missing what is in front of them, here for them, waiting to engage with them because the are mentally, emotionally, even spiritually stuck in the past. Then you have the flip side… those who are obsessed with tomorrow. Impassioned by only the notion of what they can get, achieve and overpower in pursuit of happiness, but missing all the joy in today. In this respect, I say tomorrow feigns the heart’s desires because satisfaction is never achieved by such a spirit. Tomorrow gets here and maybe you got what you wanted, but now you want something else to chase… and so fruition killed the realization of reaching fulfillment. How can you be fulfilled if you never experience the treasures you already possess? It’s a vicious cycle.

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  5. The now is for applying the lessons of the past and living out the promises of the future. Great poem, I like your description of fate tearing us away from it’s breast.
    “I covet a dream belonging to fate, The dream he’s devoured I am too late.”

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