Stay with Me

Distance deceives this heart.
Lands apart, it beats beneath your breaths,
stopping when it doesn’t feel you.
And so, I gasp, wanting to draw in the world
for you.
It is yours if you can hold to this prayer.
I’ll meet you anywhere, if you stay.
All the parts are failing in this
earthly prevailing of “here”…
so, Dearest, surrender all else into
the gentle breeze that wraps my spirit
around yours.
In this place, we will dance until
pain fades and pasts fog under
love’s brilliance; our hope has
always been resilient.
Fashioned from the furrows of your
magnificence, I am steadied
in God’s benevolence towards any end.
But, to transcend this is torturous and
joyous no longer defines my being. My
peace is bleeding as
time comes alerting, even flirting, with
my ability of stability.
Departure’s messenger weakens my knees,
and I need you to brace myself.
How else will I be complete;
who else will be your half of me?
Do see, through all the wills and meanwhiles,
the walls and life trials of yesterdays…
Always, I’ve been with you, longing
for our days to come.
And now, they want to leave us, parched
in the noon, thirsting for more… while
eve’s lullaby comes your way, tempting you
with heaven’s sway for quiet rest.
Resist her test, and know with no uncertainty,
I will send all of the universe away, if only
you will stay.

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