Reigning in Humility

Daily futility tempts the soul
Nights and days unfold in vicious layers
So many players try to take hold
of a stayer by turning blind ears and
numb hearts to the truths imparted
Therefore, it’s best to just end where it
started – in silence
Deeper than physical, verbal violence
is a game changer at the core;
no good in store for forbearance forgone
Right or wrong, it is better to mend than
get caught up in the bend that
can send away a spirit to mix
in the depths of a fix fixed on destruction
Such eruptions cripple ties, forge spies,
breed despise and leave eyes cutting
through blinks of rebutting and, well,
there goes the neighborhood because
did didn’t equal should and
all that’s left is not for the greater,
but just no good, and
silence rules…
A tool meant for use before
disassociation was the excuse, leaving
circumstance as the dominant state
Reevaluate the stakes of loose tongues;
the rungs on ego’s ladder that leave you
high strung and choking, evoking life’s
standards when you could’ve been
exceptional, leading the processional
of those risen above, intending
in the love and lifting up
with dignity a reigning in humility

For Dungeon Prompts: Humbling Ourselves

12 thoughts on “Reigning in Humility

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  2. Nice. From reading some of the responses it seems that some people see dignity and humility as separate, as if you can’t have dignity if your humble, but for me real dignity can only be found where humility is also there. Because humility comes from knowledge. The knowledge that you aren’t always right. Which is a tough pill to swallow but applies to everyone. I really liked the line, “did didn’t equal should” at first as my eyes hit it it was like did didn’t equals typo, and then I was like no did didn’t equal shouldn’t, haha that’s good.

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    • 🙂 thanks, Sreejit… and exactly. To go a step further, even if you are right, sometimes it’s just not worth the argument to prove your point or be defensive, especially with family… especially with elder family. True dignity is being able to know you’re position is grounded without needing it justified by someone else or forced down their throat, and accepting that another point of view (right or wrong) is ok… not the end of the world… not do or die… and not worth bruising another’s spirit. The ego is chill… 😉

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