All in a Day’s…

These days,
I’m amazed when
work isn’t life and
life isn’t work; when the
dollar that I earn fuels
more than the daily churn, and
the air that I breath is more than
a means for concern. This burn gets
lost, vacating definition; who has
bandwidth to petition the “why” that
substantiates today’s existence when
yesterday’s fog and tomorrow’s blur only
leave room for reason’s resistance.
Toil evolves into an ever-give;
ever-give amounts to the way I live; living
gets forsaken by the cost I pay to grind, but
since that’s always been, I guess I shouldn’t mind.

For Dungeon Prompts: Live to Work or Work to Live?

6 thoughts on “All in a Day’s…

    • Thanks. Not particularly deep, but certainly the way I’ve been feeling lately.

      I’m trying to catch up, but working nonstop has amounted to a bunch of half-page scribbles every few nights. I only set this one free because it was straight to the point. 🙂

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      • I like it – a lot. It’s the first of your works that I’ve read, but it has a hip-hop kind of rhythm & it made me think of MY “Nik” – Nikki, or actually, officially, Nicole – she’s 30 & a teacher in a special school in San Diego. So thanks for that! ❤

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        • Thank you, Kathie! I’m typically a very lengthy writer :). So… this is a bit short and straight forward for me. The rhythm is my normal style, though I do occasionally break that pattern. I am also a Nik – Nikki – Nicole, and UCSD is at the top of my son’s college list, so I guess we’ve got a few common threads between us. Nice to meet you! 🙂


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