Photo credit: Kevin Carter, Pulitzer Prize Winner

My position is grave. 
Skin pinned to these walls 
that keep chanting “slave.” 
Spirit pulled low, 
in spite of my levity, 
as this world misbehaves. 

Hazy is the universe, 
with grief-stricken eyes 
and a heart without verse. 
Got these chains 
hanging on words ‘cause 
this “freedom’s” cursed. 

Light shines above. 
Face pressed to earth, 
I can’t reach for love. 
Dove of peace, pray 
nest in these souls 
that wear hate’s glove. 

Cards dealt dirty… 
From nations to rations, 
why’d karma rebirth me? 
Embraced one nature, 
glorious now painted evil, 
discredited from worthy. 

The gaze of vultures, 
breaking apart humanity, 
raping the truth of cultures; 
injects fear and dissonance. 
Histories lost aren’t enough, 
they’re slaughtering futures. 

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