… that carve far deeper than the surface,
drowning all traces of purpose…
Breaths bleed blue ‘til
inflamed passions spill red hues.
Every right to choose, but
the beaten path becomes familiar.
Tragic howls resolve to whimpers
(and we’re all taught – it’s rude
to listen to whispers).
Bitten tongue composes lies.
Broken soul breaches eyes.
Heart struggles to chant its beat,
the sole echo of delayed defeat,
as will still trembles without its pride.
“Alive” comes in many forms:
dormant pulses, social norms,
raging fleshes, and spirit storms,
but, oh, the stench of dead
cuts to the core. The
Dark One’s whores delirious,
stomp their heels of hopelessness;
choke with grips of hatefulness; and
drop their prey into the mist… with
impressions chiseled beneath the breast.
But, the wash flows down deep
with the come up, and the
rise lets new life steep
in love’s cup.
Outlines of “was” take on
shades of rediscovery.
Sketchiness develops into
layers of vibrancy, ‘til
colors of depth reflect the light which
no impression can overcome…
sadly, a realization for only some.
The fisted spoils of the spirit undone
loom in the balance
far too often for far too long, waiting
for an utterance to be heard, praying
for transforming terms to free
the broken story… to see
the allegory… to be
the love that helps the etchings fade.

6 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. Lucky you! Your parents seem very reasonable, though. My mom would love for my dad to be here… just to fuss about him all the time (also divorced). My dad moved across the country to make sure that scenario never happens. He prefers I figure out how to take care of him long-distance (if he can’t have me to himself). Oh the joys of very needed parents who can’t stand each other! What can you do… but love them for their own special ways. 😀


  2. Would love to know what exactly you’re writing about here. Many lines filled with their own meanings, I especially love, “Outlines of “was” take on shades of rediscovery.” Hope you are doing well.


    • Hello, hello, my friend!! Ah, well, it seems the Lord always has adventurous uses for little ol’ me… This one may be a bit all over the place, as such were my emotions when writing this. As you may know, my family can be a tad on the wayward side (to put it lightly). About two weeks ago, I had to travel out of town to rescue my sis from an abusive situation. Though we haven’t been close in years, the moment she reached out, I could not bare the thought of what might happen to her if I didn’t immediately remove her from the violence she was experiencing. I wasn’t there to see it, but the night she called me… I had visions of what was happening. I checked in at work the next morning, explained the situation, picked up some muscle and used my connections to arrange for a police escort once we arrived in her town. Fortunately, the perpetrator overheard our conversation that night and decided it was in his best interest to pack her up and drop her off at the train station before I arrived. Thus, there was no actual confrontation. Still, seeing her and how he had broken her down in every regard, my heart was heavy and I needed to vent… so I wrote this piece. She and her pooch moved in with me for the time being, while she gets back on her feet. She is doing well… slowly getting things in order and taking it day by day. I’m very proud of her for getting out and standing up for herself. She’s had a rough go of it all her life, but I think she is now committed to shifting her existence to a more positive one. I am well… managing it all, as always. I hope you are well too. 🙂

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      • Oh wow, I’m glad she was able to escape from that, and that overhearing you two talking didn’t cause him to become even worse, but packed up and left. I hope you two are able to come together as well. That is great that after so many years she knew that she could reach out to you.

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