What does it matter –

Inheritance scattered,
equality tattered;
who am I to be flattered by this portion I hold?

I sit to keep from falling,
sometimes run from the calling;
if I stand up to the mauling, will I fold?

Whipping out this tape to measure,
scoffing at this so-called treasure;
why not ride out life until the days grow old?

Hands stretched out, feeling about –
no straight line for this account;
how can life amount to more than what unfolds?

Right or wrong, we’re of one song;
each note unequivocally belongs,
as we strum together throngs to form the whole.

Every sound can be laid down
or lifted high with great resound,
only bound by those convictions of the soul.

With deep regard through darkest nights,
search the stars for Heaven’s lights;
embrace birthright for therein shines divinity’s role.

Entrusted by the hand of God,
all lives bear seeds to feed the sod.
Harvest the fruits to spread the love which bore your mold.

For Dungeon Prompt: Myth Making. The life lesson I share is that although we all are granted unequal portions in life, it is our onus to realize our worth through God’s eyes; and in accordance with His living trust for us, multiply and distribute our fruits abundantly for the good of all who dwell in this time and place and beyond.

9 thoughts on “Entrusted

  1. Thank you for your gifts of words that speak to me. I give you my eyes to read your words, my attention to give your words a voice, and the sounds of those who hear my voice and speak it loudly, your name I give as well . It’s not a currency but many speaking your name after sharing your works out loud for all to hear. May you hear them
    Thank you, Nik.

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    • I love your comment! How incredibly beautiful it is… the way you express yourself and honor my words. I am touched by your sentiment. You are welcome… and thank You.


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  3. Preach. It’s like scripture up in here. I love how you built the poem because each verse can be taken as complete by itself, but together creates a great story and lesson.


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